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Happy merry birthday Florian

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Joined: Oct 16 2005
Happy merry birthday Florian

Guess what?


Happy birthday Florian!!

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Joined: Feb 19 2006

Leider verspätet, aber trotzdem von ganzem Herzen, wünsche ich Dir alles erdenklich Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag !!!



Das Glueck kommt zu denen, die lachen (japanese wisdom)

Mountain Mary (not verified)
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Mmmmm--Happy Birthday from me,too,Flo!!!!Such a youngster:o)

Hugs from cambabe mary

blueeyedlibra (not verified)
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Tester (not verified)
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Happy Birthday Florian,sorry I'm a day late,but I have been out of town (Black Hole again).Hope you had a great day,and please don't sent any cake to Roy,LOL.Wink

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Joined: Oct 4 2006

Best Wishes Florian!

musicalbirthday.gif Happy Birthday image by NSUDemonChipmunk

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Joined: Feb 19 2006

....and a biiiig Thank You to my sweet Lillybelle and my dear Auntie Belladonna !! LaughingLaughing


" Fool of a Took ! "  Gandalf

Belladonna (not verified)
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And the very bestest of wishes for your Birthingday celebrations my dear nephew Took - according to the Middle Earth calendar, you have now reached your 'Middle Age' - a coincidence or what?

Should we not be seeing Fireworks tonight? - or did you 'forget' to tell Gandalf about your impending middle-age?.... bad Hobbit!

 Happy Happy Birthingday my dearest Took, we will celebrate it Big Time (belatedly) later this month in the little village of Vienna-upon-Hobbiton!



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Joined: Feb 18 2006

WOW !!....what a great surprise ! many nice and friendly posts !!

Thank you ALL for your BD have put a BIIIG smile on my face !!! LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing


"One must not see life like it is, but like it should be." Don Quixote

Tabs (not verified)
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Wow!!! Flo has a Birthday today!

Happy Birthday my friend - sorry, I don't do fancy stuff here but you know that I wish you the very best for the coming year! 



Lillybelle (not verified)
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Sending a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting to the sweetest Hobbit in the Shire. May all your adventures be Happy ones!!! oxoxox

with love....


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