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Happy Birthday Katip

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Joined: Jan 15 2008
Happy Birthday Katip

Hope you have a great day and a year of great sightings and good health.


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Joined: Nov 6 2008

Happy Birthday Katip....sorry I'm late...hope ya had a great one Cool



Iceage (not verified)
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I am gooing to give myself a kick on my head!

How Could I!

Forgive me please Kati



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Joined: Dec 2 2008

Once more thank you for remembering to every single sending greetings! SmileSmileSmile

kynana3 (not verified)
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     Happy happy Birthday

Even though this finds you late

party on for many days

Best wishes to you Katip




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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Happy Birthday Katip!

Such a lovely baby picture, thanks for sharing it with us Smiling

Wishing you many more happy birthdays

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Joined: Jan 30 2009

Happy Birthday Katip


Sorry, i just knew that is you birthday, i did not connect to africam for long time.

Days Come, Days go,
Just like any other Time.
But when its your Birthday,
This is the time for celebrate and shine.

I wish you are having a good time with you family that you are enjoying this day.


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Joined: Feb 18 2006

katip hello sorry missed posting your birthday

no excuse i just didnt see your name

click here



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Joined: Feb 18 2006

Happy, happy birthday, dear Ktip! May all your wishes come true like in the past! You are a wonderful person! Big (((hug!)))


Nkosi sikelel' iAfrica (National Hymn of SA)

God bless Africa!

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

The birthday wishes are not over yet Katip, like Howwa says, enjoy it for two weeks more.

Happy birthday Kati!!


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Joined: Dec 2 2008

Thank you my friends of your kind wishes!

I had a wonderful day in Helsinki, where I made some christmas shoppind, had a lunch with my near relatives(sushi,that I love) and visited Picasso exhibition( whose works I also love!)

I have to confess that I got my 65 years full. Nowadays my thoughts often wander to the years of my childhood , it was modest but full of care and love(that´s what my elder sister claims ). In the photo below I´m a year old and the war against Russia has ended and there was a lack of everything, the depression. My mom had sewed my dress of old curtains and I was feeded with sugar water as you may see of my cheeks! Later I got a lot of Saks Fifth Avenue clothings(they were Jere Scott´s old ones-a paper mill family from Chicago).

I can say that most of my dreams do have come true. The most important is that the posterity is well educated and healthy...and I have found you and animals from here...thank you! Kati

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