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Happy Easter. Hippo was good

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Happy Easter. Hippo was good

Happy Easter!! Enjoyed the hippo at NK last pm. It was also nice to see the monitor at EP. Bring it on Africam!!

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Happy Easter everyone. 

A day that reminds me of God's gifts and a song that reminds me of the beauty of the people, critters and nature that come together on Africam: 

I Saw God Today (from 2008 ACM's)





Live simply. Love seriously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God .

cybertraveler (not verified)
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Oops to that, we seldom miss, most times enjoy cams more than tv which as I am sure you will know is often pretyy poor. Good program on BBC2 about rays this afternoon, watch it on i player if you miss it. Cheers

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HAPPY EASTER, BOMITES, have a great day, all, and happy camming!CoolCool

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I'm sorry cyber i missed it i did not visit the cams yesterday,






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