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Happy new year

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Happy new year

Happy New year. Just been watching Africam, with no posts for about 11 months. It has  been great to watch through a year and see how the life at water holes changes. We have Africam on most of the day, its far better than TV. While there have been many highlights through the year, perhaps the best is the upgraded Tembe cam. There just seems to be so much going off around the waterholes. Looking forward to the next 12 months. Thank you Africam. Bring it on.

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Happy New Year Africam



Iceage (not verified)
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Hello all africammers!

may 2011 be a wonderfull year for you all!

let us pray and hope we dont loose more members ( Take Care Morris!) werever you are!





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Joined: Dec 24 2007

Happy New Year to you too! These little pieces of earth truly do pull the world together Smiling

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Happy New Year to all my camming buds.   Hope the new year brings lots of joy and many fabulous sightings.  I can feel in my bones that 2011 will definitely be the year that we finally see the lesser yellow and green spotted duck billed lemur.  Can't wait!

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Happy New Year Cybertraveler! Yeah, Africam rocks! Smiling

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