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Has Africam Inspired You?

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Has Africam Inspired You?

Ok its a rainy day and I cant be out raptor counting..so this is my question to any and all of U. In any of its incarnations,has africam inspired you? To a trip to SA? To a trip/visit locally to view game of any kind? Has it inspired U to action? Maybe in some way I havent mentioned? Personally it definetly inspired me to travel to South Africa,infact to parks Africam had cameras. Got to operate a drive cam briefly,operate a few other cameras,appear on some and was on old radio africam. The trip was brilliant,and africam helped me know what I could expect to see,and armed me with information so I knew what I was seeing as well as info about those birds and animals. I was also able to meet up with africam staff and folks Id met through africam! Once home,back to my regular humdrum life,I needed some of the excitement of seeing lions,leopards and elephants. Since Toronto Canada only offers those at the zoo,I took up bird watching,starting with Raptor Watching. Amazed I could see such things in the big city,I soon noticed I had quite a list of birds...an addict was born! Ive been lucky to see tons of wildlife too since starting to birdwatch. Moved to action: Through the raptor watching,I learned of The Canadian Peregrine Foundation,while the few dollars I could afford to donate wouldnt accomplish alot,donating time could. Since 2002 Ive volunteered with the foundation,particularily at Fledgling Watch time. The endangered Peregrine Falcon chicks are watched dawn to dusk,around the time they are learning to fly. If a rescue is necessary we capture the young falcon and after a quick medical check,return it to a rooftop,giving it a second chance to learn to fly. The program makes a big difference in early survival. Moved To Action 2: With my new found passion for raptor watching,I discovered that only 10minutes from my home,was a lakeshore park with a great migration route for raptors(birds of prey,hawks eagles,falcons). Ive counted there each of the last 2 years,and this year(the 3rd) Ive advertised it locally,inviting folks to join me,with great sucess. Young(my pal Wyatt age 4) and old(Terry 86),experienced and new folks have joined me to watch and learn about the various raptors. Turning someone new onto it is the best reward. The hope being,they will be moved to action in some way too. Meeting new friends of course has been wonderful as well. So thats my story..whats yours?

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I have personaly been inspired by Africam. Before I had no desire to go to Africa, but now I would just love to. I was intorduced to Africam by my computer teacher and I am so happy with it. The wildlife is beautiful, and just truley amazing, and inspiring.

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I love wildlife period, of every kind.  Except for snakes (the only animal I Don't like)

I enjoy watching all of the cams, here and on other websites also, however,

Elephant Plains has become my favorite.  It has to be the most beautiful

place on earth.

The terrain (or scenery, or whatever you want to call it), is breathtaking.

The abundance of wildlife is amazing.

It is so beautiful and serene.

It makes me think of the Garden of Eden, or how I imagine it must have been.


Except without that tree and snake that caused so much trouble.

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Hi. I've only been here about a week. I love everything wildlife. While my favorite animal is the tiger, Africa has become a fascinating place for me. I write down my observations but mostly I have been inspired to draw.


Tiger tiger burning bright in the forest of the night

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hello everybody, we just like to say that we are very happy to see that the overall quality is much better. Still waiting for tembe to go at full speed. Boy, what big ellies we've been seen already. Everyday we start to see whats happend and what did we mis.

the ads we don't like much, but its needed sadly.

Really like it that soms people can do the camera's at home, they are doing a good job. thanks. Now we can follow it much better, the animals stay in focus, and are not just dissapearing from the screen.

As you know we have been a week in E.P last year and also in gomogomo,tangala and moholoholo. So we have seen a nice bit of this area. And we have been in kenia and Tanzania, both for 3 weeks.

Now we are ready with planning Zambia, this november. also 3 weeks. 1 week in McBrides Camp, this looks very promising, McBride is the writer of the book, The white lions of Timbavati, and others.

Afrika seems to be our little virus, we can't get enough,............

sorry for my spelling, I can't find the spelling control in englisch

So yes Africam is still our trigger to go again.

Corrie and Roel.

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post a test


Africam Drupal Admin Test of Change

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hay i like the animals and stuff

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i actually feel very inspired by Africam. i also sent for their rates for a stay at NK.

well, my mom left me money so a stay there i could afford, but with airfare...hmmmm...not!! boohoo!!

do you give scholarships if i clean villas?! and work in the kitchen?!

i could be a pot washer! now don't make me gravel!!


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I joined Africam around the first part of 2008 and enjoyed it nightly, but in May I was diagnosed with cancer. It is a rare cancer called Merkle Cell Cancer and after the lab report came back positive for Merkle Cell I was scheduled for surgery at The University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB). This surgery was performed on the 22nd of August. I am now taking Radiation therapy because there is no proven Chemo for it yet. The good thing is the that after surgery pathology show that the margins were clear and also the lymp nodes were also clear. But, the cancer is very aggressive and has a 70% chance of recurring in 5 years and Radiation has proven to be affective in preventing this. I am schedule October 1st to have my first Radiation treatment. I am so glad to be able to come back into Africam. Thanks for allowing me back. Tincan.

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