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Have any of you been reading

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Have any of you been reading

Have any of you been reading about the food shortage/crisis in Zimbabwe where they are reporting people eating their pets? It is horrifying...Is there anywhere to donate money/food?



xtine123 (not verified)
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All animal causes affect me deeply. I hope we can help somehow. The Pit Bull issues are equally disturbing. I know many people with rescued Pit Bulls, and they are lovely animals. I feel deeply for them I also feel deeply for the poor people of Zimbabwe and their plight.

Marblehead (not verified)
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I haven't yet had a chance to watch the video because I was so entralled watching Buf's at the Hole.  That is sad.  Of course I will donate money.  As horrifying as it is, it makes more sense than Colorado removing pet pitbulls from their homes and killing them.  I suppose we are all capable of anything with imminent starvation a few steps away. 

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