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having problems ..

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having problems ..

where the section is in my account ..i can not put a check mark in my service and policy ...i have been trying to add a avatar under my signerture but won't let me ..thank you

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Thanks Marcia,

I'll let admin know Smiling

MarciaZ3 (not verified)
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This user has posted in the Wavelit forum that she is having trouble logging in now. This is her message:

asking for help

hello all..i’m not sure i’m typing in right spot ..but i need to ask a queastion? i belong to forum in africam and can not log in ,,,could i ask someone to help me ? in africam forum my username is dolly7530....would you forward my message ?


I'm passing this along so that you might help her.

dolly7530 (not verified)
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ok..gerda i will try that ..thank you

Gerda (not verified)
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Hi Dolly,

Maybe you can try this out for adding your signature :

"When you go to the signature box, disable rich text and delete everything that is in the box. You have to start with a box free of any codes. Then enable rich text and enter your signature in simple font. Don't copy and paste because that might include codes the signature can't handle. Type the whole code for your signature. "



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