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Hazy,Fuzzy, Distorted, Cam View

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Hazy,Fuzzy, Distorted, Cam View

This is not really a complaint but for the past several months I have noticed that the cam view is no longer crystal clear. the view always seems to be like looking through a dirty lens, foggy lens. I understand the night lens has always made it harder to describe the animals unless you already know what you are looking at. however the new cams that were put in last year do not seem as good quality as the old ones? my picture has not been as clear since the new cams were installed. if i go to Petes Pond my pic is very clear so I know its not my computer! and I have a very high resolution on my computer 1360x1024 Has anyone else been noticing this situation? I was also wondering why some of the streaming can pics are clear; like the ones from Vancouver,BC, while most otheres are the off yellow color that the cam is showing us. like I said not really a complaint as i know its very expensive to have a cam of any kind working in Africa and out in the middle of nowhere country so to speak; and yes I do appreciate that I can see anything. I was just curious.

thank you all for any suggestions and or responses,