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Hey everyone, how's it going?

I used to be a member here a loooong time ago and I see the place has had a fantastic makeover! Things are looking great and I'm already addicted to the various cameras!

My name's Andrew and I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and have been living in England for the most part of my life going to school here etc.

My passion and interest for Africa and its wildlife has never waivered and I'm so excited to rediscover a community of like-minded people! Smiling

Look forward to meeting you all.



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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Welcome to Africam!

kiotewoman (not verified)
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Hi Andrew and welcome back Laughing

samsher_99 (not verified)
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Hello and welcome back

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Joined: Oct 4 2006

Hello Andrew

Gerda (not verified)
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Drew !

Welcome to Africam !


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Joined: Jan 15 2008

Hi and welcome back. edited to delete what should not have been there.


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Drew7uk (not verified)
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P.S. What ever happened to the game drive cam?!

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