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Hello All

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Hello All

Just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone. Ran across this site the other day and have been glued to it since I have found it. Still have not seen a thing, but the kids and I are still trying to all the time.

 Guess a little about me, from Wisconsin in the US. Triplets and I can not wait to see our first animals on here. Will be a real treat.

 Is there a usual time that the percentage to catch something increases?

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Welcome to Africam!


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Welcome to Africam Icestorm!


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Hello, and welcome to Africam.  You too can be an Africam Addict with just a couple of sightings....or with none at all!  I find the best time for me to catch anything is early morning SA time (CAT).  I'm MST and am writing at 9:38 pm.  It's 6:30 in the morning in SA. 

Early evening ....sunset...I can usually find a babboon or monkey watching the sunset and letting the little ones play.  Check out both Nkorho Pan and Elephant Plains.  I'm partial to Nkorho (NK) but we hear lots of lions at Elephant Plains (EP). 

Have you tried taking photos?  MWSnap was recommended to me and it's easy enough for my grade school kids to use.  I haven't ventured into video taping any yet.

If you have school age kids, check out Ms. Charlie and Alf in Campfire chat.  And also the Kids in the Nest website.  They're all great!


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 Have you seen anything yet?  Soon you'll see tons!  I get excited just hearing all the sounds.. it is such a treat!

 You can see and hear things at all hours -  during the night in South Africa you may get to see the night animals.  I usually see hyenas, rhinos, and different type of deer at night.   During the day you can see plenty of gazelles, baboons, zebras, etc.   and not to mention a ton of birds!

In Wisconsin than you are in central time zone for the US.. so South Africa is 8 hours after you.  That will help you in determing when it will be day and night there.  

Good luck and hope you see your first animal soon if you have not already!! 

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Hello and welcome to Africam Icestorm Smiling

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