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Hello All - one quick question

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Hello All - one quick question

I am trying to find the area in which to load pics of my 'fur kids' =)

 I have read and looked at everyone's 'kids' and they are wonderful.  I have some pictures of my babies at home - they are being cared for by a wonderful girl who is their Foster Mom for now while I am deployed in Iraq.

 I was trying to find the area on Pets thread...but cannot locate it.  Any advice?

thanks all and have a blessed day. 


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kimndanger wrote:
or do i just reply to the last picture in the bunch?
Yes, just Reply. It then adds to the thread. Be sure to check out size restrictions here. There is a limit of 4 pics per post to enable efficient processing for all users. "They should not exceed 500 x 350 pixels, and the sum of file sizes of all images in one post may not exceed 240 KB." Looking forward to your fur-babies.

kimndanger (not verified)
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Thanks much Cerinthe - I have looked through there but there is no place where I can start a new thread...or do i just reply to the last picture in the bunch?

Sorry - I am a bit more computer savvy than this (usually).

Thanks for the pointers


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Hi Kimberley, you can post the pics of your pets in the topic for domestic animals and pets 2008

Look here

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