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Hello, and what a site!

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Hello, and what a site!

It was really nice to watch all the live game, especially since I am in the middle of winter's icy and cold grip- it was a delight to hear live birds and animals, as well as view them in the wild. I haven't heard birds in a while, lol, except the caw of the ravens.

My comliments, what a nice site and a place where I look forward to much future enjoyment, I am sure. 

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Welcome to Africam and the Boma!


I am looking forward to your wildlife pics from Alaska.  

AlaskaJourney (not verified)
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Thanks for the warm welcome, for sure! I look at the sun, the gentle breeze, the obvious warmth- and then it come time to go outside- right now it is  -20F outside.Yell

So, it is very refreshing to watch the land and it's life!

 I will post some wildlife pics from Alaska soon.

Thanks again for the welcome!Smile

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Welcome to Africam AlaskaJourney!



Gerda (not verified)
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Welcome to Africam !

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa .


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Welcome AJ. It's a warm crowd here. Hope to see you often.


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Welcome Alaska Smiling

Enjoy your stay here and dont be afraid to join us in the forums, we dont bite, well not that much but only on full moons lol Smiling

Looking forward to chatting with you Smiling


Saw it live- Big 5!!! my youtubes

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Welcome Alaska! Happy camming!

Seasonlike, I'm somewehere in the middle between Africa and Alaska, LOL. We are having the first spring flowers here, yyipeeh!


Nkosi sikelel' iAfrica (National Hymn of SA)

God bless Africa!

outofafrica (not verified)
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Welcome and enjoy the wildlife!!

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