Hello everybody, I´m new...

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Hello everybody, I´m new...

 Hi everyone,

 Well, actually I have been lurking around on the Nkorho Pan Stream on and off for the past year, so I thought it was finally time to register... I´m a student and I´m currently located in Germany, and I must admit that I am fascinated by this site and the wildlife. I like it best to observe the live stream at nighttime and I am really excited tonight because the minute I turned it on, there was a really huge herd of cape buffalo ate the EP...guess I have been lucky today....

It´s always surprising what might happen, and I now that I also learned how to take pics of the live stream, I may contribute some later on. (Not of the buffaloes, most of them were gone by the time I figured out how this works Eye-wink)

Greetings to all fellow africam-fans and I hope we´ll enjoy many interesting sightings to come. Cheers,


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Welcome to Africam and the Boma!

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Hello sim and welcome to the Boma!

There is a 'meet' of Africammers planned for September, in Vienna - I hope that you may be able to join us and meet your new freinds for real!

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Hi and welcome to the forums.  Look forwards to hearing your comments in the daily chat and discussion threads as well as seeing your screen captures.  Happy camming Smiling


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Welcome Shrew. If you go to Waterhole, or Campfire you will see us all there chatting about the wildlife. You can as you said go to streaming cams to catch up on what you miss, and  sightings to see what is going on currently. See you there.

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