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Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!

I am relatively new--I haven't posted much before this. Lately I have visited more often. I am in love with the sounds of nature on all of the cam sites.

Question:  What is "Boma?" What does it mean? I've looked all over on the Africam site and can't find a reference. Thanks!

Laurie from central New York State, USA


All Creatures

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Hi AllCreatures and welcome to the boma  Smile

In the Africam Wiki (found here) you will find all sorts of wonderful information to help understand what we are talking about in the forums.  For instance

- Boma - our boma is a friendly gathering place where like-minded people come together to discuss the sights & sounds on Africam, share camaraderie and often times build lasting friendships.

Take a look through the Wiki to see what else you can find.


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