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Hello from Manchester, UK

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Hello from Manchester, UK

Hiya everyone,

stumbled on here early this morning when I couldn't sleep and am absolutly loving it so far. Not just the cams but reading around the forums too, such a wealth of knowledge for an animal lover like myself. 

You know I thought with these being camera's of wild animals that i'd be lucky to see maybe a few birds and was all set for weeks of watching  but within about half an hour I think it was a Jackal wandered over to NK for a wee drink. Well couldn't get a print screen to work but now i've got the right software I hope to catch another one soon as he/she was so beautiful.

Oh one thing I wanted to ask - anyone reccomends a good online guide to animal calls, would love to familiarise myself with which voice belongs to who. 


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Hey there Afrimoo.   Welcome.   My second big love in life next to animals is England.    And I'm a huge Coronation St. fan.   Been to Manchester briefly to see Granada Studios. 

Hope you see all your favourite animals!

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Welcome to Africam, Afrimoo!

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Welcome to Africam!

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Hello and welcome Afrimoo Smiling

Gerda (not verified)
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Hello  Afrimoo,

for sounds you can have a look at Sounds of Nkorho.

all sounds there have been recorded at the cams here Smiling


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