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Hello from Michigan [USA}

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Hello from Michigan [USA}

Hi, Sunny and Princess E from MI

I have been watching the site on and off for a few weeks trying to watch the camera's on dial up and now have my little one [she is 6] watching the site for the different wildlife, since one of her request once she was adopted was to go to Africa to see all the animals (I wish I could of took her this year Cry), but this site is doing the trick just as good.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  We love it.

I also need to say that the sound is so soothing listening too even though I live in the country, but as some of you are aware, it has been winter here and not too may birds, bugs and frogs out yet.

We hope to develop many friendships with folks all over.

Sunny and Princess ECool


cherlyn (not verified)
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Hi to Sunny and Princess E,

yes there is alot of us Michiganders here. Welcome and enjoy.

Hi to wild1 and Sherry too. 

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Hi Sunny and Princess! I haven't been watching too long either, but I'm already addicted. Now I have yet another excuse to goof off. lol



"Butterflies and zebras, And moonbeams and fairy tales
That's all she ever thinks about, Riding with the wind.
— Jimi Hendrix

Wild1 (not verified)
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another Michigan welcome from here!  lots of us around here apparently Sticking out tongue

samsher_99 (not verified)
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Welcome....See you in the normal chat forums of Campfire or Waterhole. If you watch in the streaming pics and sightings that will catch you up on anything you miss. See you there.

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Welcome to Africam!

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