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hello guess what IM NEW!!! well thatz cool aint't it?

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hello guess what IM NEW!!! well thatz cool aint't it?

Well now we shall get started...hmmmm well im new and i like dots/lines... on my page i have no clue y i just do so plz go along with it... ok well im a kindof well my friends just call me right brained which means creative i think its a way of calling me crazy to my face but whatever... im like way new like 20 minutes...woah 20 minutes here flys...he he dots... i have not actually seeeees an animal live not on the what i missed this mornin' sry 4 da' lengty post. well i got my name from well i was almost named when i was borned destry and this is an african website so i came up with ranger destry. well if u want anything else i usually dont check what i started with my forum/new/topic/dots/.../     lines   / ok well if uve read this far thx...which means thanks in computer terms...Tongue out ...seya... from if u didn't catch                        RANGER DESTRY

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Welcome to Africam Destry!


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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Welcome to Africam and the Boma!

smalldog (not verified)
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Very exciting, Destry.  Take some time to read the posting guidelines and information about where to post, when what and how, and, join in the discussions about the wildlife at the cams.

There's a great deal to see here so take your time and check it all out.  Most of all, enjoy!

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