Hello.. I have a question.

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Hello.. I have a question.

Hi guys.. I just found out about africams from another forum. I'm from India and I love watching/learning/ reading about wildlife. I think my interest grew after watching big cat diaries and other animals shows on natgeo and animal planet. so thats about it.
My question is how do i take pictures of what im seeing from the cameras?? Apart from managing to find the cameras i haven't really been able to understand much here Sad so I'm a little lost. Please help! Smiling

JonathanC (not verified)
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i heard dave likes big cat diaries also

JonathanC (not verified)
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what I normally do is I put my camera up close to the screen and shoot a photo. I've got a Nikon Rebel and it works like a dream

orwaele (not verified)
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Thankk Youuuu Smiling
I shall look around the forum now.. I love africams. Too bad I didn't get to know about it earlier but i really enjoy seeing the animals now!

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Hallo orwaele.

Welcome   to  Africam.

I give you  this  helpful  link :


Hope  it  will  help  you  to  find  your  way  on  this   site.


How   to  take  and  post  pictures --   click  here


We  have  a  daily  created  BOMA  chit-chat forum.There  we   talk  what  we  see  and  hear  from  the  cams.

If  you  have   questions  you  can  put  your  question  there

The  Boma  chit-chat  for  today  is   here

happy  camming



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