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Help!!! Need advice in getting rid of drum beating.

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Help!!! Need advice in getting rid of drum beating.

I hate to show my ignorance, but I am still a novice at this.  Sometimes, as now, when I log on and go into Nkorho Pan, I get the drum beating tune that you get when you just watch the video introducing Nkorho.  I can't hear the sounds of birds, etc. because of the music. I have to turn my computer to MUTE.  Where am I going wrong in logging on?  This does not happen every time. It's nice to not have the girl in red always talking!!!!

 Am enjoying seeing dawn coming at Nkorho now. patient with me....I'm learning.

azlady13 (not verified)
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I've never had that problem so I don't know what it might be.  You can go to campfire chat and post your question.  There are lots of people there that know about all the techie stuff.  And I agree.  My kids wanted to get her a new dress and script for Christmas.

Ms Charlie (not verified)
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Don't you fret, were here to help you if and when you need it.


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