Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.


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Ms Charlie wrote:

ANNOUNCEMENT: i AM ASKING EACH OF YOU TO PLEASE STOP AND TAKE A MOMENT OUT OF YOUR DAY, AND VIEW THIS VIDEO JUST DONE BY STUDENTS. needs our help and they need it now.Please if each of you would take this video and get it on every thread you can, and send to every member you can, it will help our efforts. I am available to answer any questions with regards to all of this.

Any donations made to from Canada FOR is 100% Tax deductible in Canada.

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Dear all members,

I have decided to lock this topic as I feel this discussion is or has become a downward spiral of misinformation and misinterpretation. The facts are that Africam will be moving away from Wavelit, for business reasons and will be setting up ourselves independently, which means we will be running our own streaming servers. In this process we have and will be setting up some strategic relationships with other organizations like Kids in the Nest, which is normal business practice. I appreciate everyone’s concern and input, but we are quite satisfied with our financial and business strategy of Africam, and this move is only one spoke in a large wheel in Africam’s development.  Africam is a for profit company and thus cannot disclose its business strategy publicly, and as much as we would like to keep you informed I’m sure everyone will understand this would undermine the Africam we have all grown to love. Further to this I would like to clarify that the donations initiative was an initiative brought about by members wanting to donate to Africam. This was not our initiative an in fact it took some convincing on our side to initiate this. We appreciate the support that many of you have shown through your generous donations, and I assure this money is being put to good use developing Africam, making it a better experience for all.




Africam Admin

Aquila (not verified)
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AZlady, one problem is that not everyone that comes to Africam forum reads all the various threads. I know I don't frequent the Campfire hardly ever. So piecing together this story is not as easy for everyone. Sorry to say too, I have not thoroughly checked out the Kids in the Nest Site either.

Admin, Thank you! Looking forward to the info that will be provided within 48 hours. That is exactly what is needed to help us that are confused or have questions. Smiling

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I always thought that NPR had a great fund-raising idea when they would allow a 'contract' of donation payments... for lack of a better word. Instead of sending a pymt for $100, difficult for many of us, or trying to remember to send $10 regularly, NPR allows a set donation (ex $120), that is pd via cc at $10 a month for 12 months. Now obviously some wouldn't feel comfortable with that (though it can be set up using Paypal to protect identities) but I'm sure some would and it creates a cash stream that is pretty painless to the giver. Certainly it requires some administration efforts but maybe worth offering?

Just a thought...

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Thanks for explaining that MsCharlie. I see the point of kids not being allowed near YouTube, I would say maybe an adult here with a screen recorder could copy it over but the stuttering is so bad it might be hard.

Again I never meant any discord toward you I hoped I had made that part clear. 

Actually the AC cam page says in partnership with KITN but for me that is way over to the right and I use the big 640 as my eyes are so bad. 

I really like the new page, much more of an Africam feel but I do miss that weather link :) 

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I am still pretty new to Africam, so have not learned all of the past history of the site.  It has been a magical experience to be able to see all these animals from the other side of the world in live feed action.  Ms Charlie and others have explained at times that it is very expensive to build and maintain these cam sites.  I think many watchers would like to see just how much money is needed.

I remember seeing a figure of $100,000 or more just to set up a cam.  Then the cost of getting that feed to the internet so that watchers all over the world can see it.  I think we all know that many, if not all, of the cam operators are zoomies that are unpaid volunteers.  I have no clue what all other expenses are.

Perhaps it would be helpful to have some thing that says"

1. Equipment: the camera and everything needed to start sending a live feed usually costs  $$$$$$.  I have no idea what even the camera itself costs, let alone anything else involved.


2.  The cost of getting that feed to the internet is $$$ every day?,week? month? year?  I have not a clue what that costs, let alone how that miracle even happens!  All I know, is I pay my internet connection, which is a cable system, $50 each month to be able to have email and other internet resources availble whenever I want.  I know from past experience, if there is a problem with the cable feed to everyone in the city, the cable company takes care of fixing it.  That would account for some of the charge we pay each month.  If there is a problem inside of my home, then I would be charged for whatever service would be needed.

3.  What does it cost to  maintain these cam sites when they are working properly and what does it cost to try to repair problems when they happen?  Here, the cable company has a minimum service charge just to come to my house.  Then there would be an hourly charge for being there over a certain amount of time and then of course the charge of any parts needing replacement.  Each repair cost would vary, due to circumstances.

4.  Most business organizations that I belong to have an annual membership fee.  If Africam had a flat annual fee to be a member, would that help?  If it were a very small fee would everyone around the world be able to afford it?  Or would thousands of people who are now enjoying this experience for free no longer have access to this miracle?  I would love every child to be able to see this in their schools at the very least.  Not every family has internet access at home.

Something that shows everyone how any money is being spent would make things more clear.

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Thanks admin, I've been with Africam since 1999,and I'm afraid I have seen them go under twice after donation from us,and I would surely send more,but this time I would like more info on what is going on from the owners.Thanks for all your work the past 18 months.


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OK, OK Africam management firstly & foremostly apologises for the lack of communication.

Yes, we are in the throws of change which we believe will be very positive in the coming weeks, months and years. We are very very busy under the hood as it were getting additional, upgraded & enhanced infrastructure in place, plus a number of other initiatives.

News of this has broken unexpectently and has caught us on the back foot as it were (we were watching the other coal face).

That being the case we ask for ur indulgence in the following 2 ways:-

1. We will provide u with a clear & unambiguous briefing of what we are up to and what our plans are within the next 48 hours

2. Some what u have read on this forum is true, some isn't. For safety's sake ignore everything until we deliver on point 1 (<48hrs).

Thanx for ur patience


Africam Drupal Admin Test of Change

Penny in SA (not verified)
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 Well said Azlady.  I too have been very much aware of Kids in the Nest for a long time now.  In fact Ms Charlie very graciously asked if they could publish my trip reports for the children to read which they did.

Just to add a different slant to this.  I was part of the old Africam that "died" and this was with  lots of donations from around the world together with the fact that to access the streaming video from Mala Mala we had to pay in dollars.  It still all fell apart and left a lot of us mourning the fact.

I do not find it strange that Ms Charlie has become the spokesman for Africam's woes with Wavelit at all.  After all if she is behind bailing Africam out at such a critical time then she is the best person to have broken this news to us.

Maybe, just maybe, we have all been too spoilt since the new Africam was launched and expected too much for nothing.  It would be great if there was not as much negativity about how this has been done but rather some positivity as to how it is to be resolved.

All I can say is that Africam has given me friends around the world some of whom have been there for me for over 8 years.  If at this, what appears to be heading into, crucial time then lets all join together to help.



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I just signed on to wavelit...still showing the Africam cam..watching giraffes. Guess Wavelet is still up and running????

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