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Hennie keeps gooing

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Hennie keeps gooing

I have to share this with you all....

This morning I felt utterly sad. I've lost someone whom I thought I could count as my friend of many years. But when I needed him, on a personal level, he proved me wrong. And it hurts.

I looked outside my window and I saw a Roe Deer buck approaching. Despite everything I grabbed the camera and went outside. The Buck came closer and closer while looking straight at me. When he reached our driveway he stopped and posed, perfectly framed by the old oak trees that line the path. Maybe a silly thing to say but it was as if Nature was trying to comfort me with its beauty. And it worked. It always works...

I'm going to say goodbye now for a short time. For 2 weeks, the beautiful Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa will be our home. Here you can find an impression of last year's visit. I know from experience that Mala Mala is the best place to be to recover from a hurt soul..




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Before any misunderstandings happen...

Its not me that took the photo and wrote the txt...

i copied and pasted it from Hennie's side (see my subtitle)

I got an email from her that she is still in Mala Mala and having a great time in South Africa! Life has been not easy for her this past year (:

So Hennie if you visit this forum again!

I sent you my best wishes! and hope all will be OK again as time passes!


Thank you for all the foto's and stories you share on the internet, and you'r permission to place it here also!









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