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Hi :)

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Hi :)


First of all my name is Calum, I hope everyone is having a good day/night Smiling recently joined this website and think it is amazing!! and i want to give a big thank you to the legend who made it Smiling i love animals a ridiculous amount, my girlfriend thinks im crazy Sticking out tongue so coming across was a miracle Smiling i spend many hours looking out for wildlife and taking screen shots when see something Laughing out loud i have been to Africa twice and have never forgot those trips and watching these cams have taken me back to those fun times Laughing out loud i am currently at university studying a not animal related course which i find very boring but only taking to please parents but in the future hope to volunteer with animals somewhere in life Laughing out loud but for now checking the cams before and after uni just makes my day and keeps me going Laughing out loud

My favourite animal is a leopard but havent seen one yet but hoping to soon with some luck Smiling by any chance does anyone know the best times to look for one? Laughing out loud ive also put together a sort of scrap book of what i see on the cams with screen shots and stuff which my girlfriend thinks is sad but she loves messing with me Sticking out tongue

This is a brilliant site! Thank you again! Smiling everyone on here is a legend as well!



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Hi and welcome to Africam and the forum.  I do hope you will join us in the daily created Boma chat thread where we talk about what we are seeing and hearing at the waterholes.  Feel free to ask any questions there too.


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Thank you Smiling and just gives me more reason to watch the cams Sticking out tongue I'm not going to complain Smiling I'm pulling an allnighter before I go back to uni just to see if that makes me able to see more Laughing out loud and I will take a look at the boma, thank you Laughing out loud

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Hi Calum and welcome to Africam.  I hope you will look around the forum as we have lots of interesting topics here.   Just under this New to Boma topic is The Boma where we meet to chat about what we are seeing and hearing on the cameras.  Hope to see you there.

You will find that many of us are totally addicted to watching the cams.  It would be nice if we could say that a Leopard will show up at one of the cams at 2 am Africam time, but these are wild animals and they show up where and when they want to.  We do seem them sometimes - usually during the African night, but sometimes in the African morning, afternoon or evening.


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