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Hi everyone,

 I'm new here. I signed up some time ago, but I never posted something on the forum.
I'm Nicole and I'm 18 years old, almost 19 on the 19th of may. I'm from Holland and studying at Wageningen University. Can't wait to go to South Africa and finish my study there. This summer I'm going to Kruger national park for 3 weeks. We'll stay the first week in buckler's. That's an accomodation near crocidile bridge camp, just outside the park. Then we're going to Olifants and the last few days to skukuza and orpen. 

Well that's much about me then.

 Greetings to you all,

 xx Nicole

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Hi Nicole,

Happy Camming..


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Welcome to Africam!

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Hello Collie

collie1989 (not verified)
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Thank you,

 I have one question. How can I change my picture because when I go to my account--> edit and delete my picture and select another picture from my computer. I get the same picture again.

Very weird.


* Never mind, I already got it *

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 Hello Nicole! What a wonderful thing to be 'almost 19'. lol   AND going on a wonderful trek to SA. Glad you're here at the cams. 



"Butterflies and zebras, And moonbeams and fairy tales
That's all she ever thinks about, Riding with the wind.
— Jimi Hendrix

sonygrl33 (not verified)
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Nice to meet you Nichole! Your trip sounds exciting

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