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Hi From Puyallup Washington

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Hi From Puyallup Washington

Hi there!  My name is Tammy.  I am a stay at home mom that is loving share this wonderful experience with my 2 kids.  Shelby is 6 and in first grade and Shane is 4.5 and in preschool.  What a great way for kids to learn about wild life than to see it as first hand as we can.  I have even woke my daughter up to show her some animals.  She thought that was pretty cool.  My hubby things I am crazy but is now asking me when he gets home what is new in Africa!  LOL... I just have to laught with in because I know he is liking it as well!!  Heck I even have my neighbor hooked! 

Thank you for having such a wonderful website for us to learn from!!!!


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Hello Tammy

Welcome to Africam

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Welcome to Africam and the Boma!

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