Hi- sorry if I'm doing this wrong or maybe in the wrong forum

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Hi- sorry if I'm doing this wrong or maybe in the wrong forum

I'm just wondering if that is a dog I see at Tembe- it has the mannerisms of a dog that doesn't know what to do. I'm just sort of worried about it.

Th'elder (not verified)
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Thanks, krukab. It looked like a poodle to me. I was wishing the camera was active and would zoom in on it.

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hi you can post in the boma daily chat site

The Boma chit - chat forum Saturday 8 July 2011 updated
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the dog you see at tembe is a side stripe jackal

nothing wrong with the animal


Th'elder (not verified)
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I could only see a silhouette of the animal. It looked like a dog- a lost, fuzzy dog. I don't think it was a jackal- The animal wanted to get to the other side of the water and kept walking back and forth along the edge.

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Sorry, but I did not see what you saw so I can't say, but my guess would be a Jackal.  They often appear to be very nervous.

Usually questions and comments are posted in the daily chat thread.  Today's thread is at http://www.africam.com/wildlife/the_boma_chit_chat_forum_saturday_8_july_2011

We will start a new thread at midnight CAT



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