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Hi there

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Hi there


I've been a member of these boards for some time now, but don't post that often, so just thought I'd take the chance to introduce myself!

Nice to meet fellow enthusiasts of the African bush!


Skyla (not verified)
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Well, sorta. Hehe.

Hope you have lots of wondeful sighting!

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Welcome to the Boma LionLover!

I hope you have lots of lion sightings..

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Welcome to Africam and the Boma!


LionLover (not verified)
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Thanks Gerda,

It's definitely the next best thing to being there. Have witnessed some amazing things since I discovered Africam.


Gerda (not verified)
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Hello LionLover,

Good idea to come to the forum ! All great people here who share the same love for nature and wildlife.

Welcome to Africam !

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa Smiling


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