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hi, I'm new here

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hi, I'm new here

hallo, I'm new here - but I'm watching africam almost every day from Budapest, Hungary! My favorite place it's the zoo here, where I have an adopted leopard - Nadir.I'm crazy about all kind of cats.I hope to see some of them here to.

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Hello and welcome Kukucsi, I wish you a nice stay with us. I wish you many wonderful sightings.

marcel01 (not verified)
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welcome to Africam and the Africam Boma. I hope u will join us at the live cam chat, which you can find here!


I wish you a great time at Africam, for you both! Smiling

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Joined: Jul 14 2008

Welcome, Kukucsi.   We all love to see the big cats.  They are elusive though.  Hope to see you in the boma. 




Live simply. Love seriously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God .

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Welcome'll find everyone here warm and friendly.Cool



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Joined: Oct 4 2006

Hello & welcome to both kukucsi and tomatotamata

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Joined: Jan 15 2008

Hi and welcome to Africam and the forum.  I do hope you will join us in the daily created Boma chat thread where we talk about what we are seeing and hearing at the waterholes.  Feel free to ask any questions there too.


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Joined: Jul 23 2009

Hello kukucsi, i am new too how do you do, welcome to africam website the best in the business, i cannot keep off this site now i have find it and become a member, i live in the UK in the county of Cumbria near the Lake District , i love the wild animals i went to a small zoo Tuesday gone  saw a great lot of animals and birds, so this site is brilliant in edentifying the wild species  in their natural state,so enjoy the site do. tomatotomata



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