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Hippy Hippo at Nkorho

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Hippy Hippo at Nkorho

It’s not often we get to see hippos wander through at EP or NK.  In the summer when the grass is long over at EP, we have seen a few come through late at night. We can hear them chewing long before you we actually see them.  And it’s even less often we see them venture into the water holes. 
During the night on October 24th, a slow moving hefty hippo meandered into the NK waterhole to cool off for a little while.  The water wasn’t deep enough for him to get the traditional floating hippo look where we would only see the top of his head, ears, nose and eyes. So he just stood there with the water up to hips trying his best to make the waterhole conform to his wishes. He did lay his head straight out in an attempt to get more comfortable, but eventually decided he’d go find a waterhole that was a little deeper. Looking at the hippo as he tried to float, it was difficult to believe this species is one of the most dangerous to humans in the bush of Africa.  Check out Gerda’s “Did You Know?”for interesting facts about this big critter that we had the privilege of watching that night.  And at this link is a picture of the hippo attempting to make the waterhole “fit”.