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Honeymoon Suggestions

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Honeymoon Suggestions

My son and his fiancee are getting married in April 2008 and I have, maybe foolishly?, promised to organise, and pay for, their honeymoon in South Africa as their wedding present.

They want to spend 5 - 6 days in/around Capetown and 5 - 6 days in the bush, preferably in a  Big 5 area.

My difficulty is that, although I can easily arrange a great time for them in Capetown, at a reasonable cost, I cannot afford to pay for them to go to an 'upmarket' lodge in a Big 5 area (such as Djuma or Nkorho) and they don't want to have to self-drive in Kruger, or to go self-catering, as they have never been to Africa without me there to organise them before.

I have offered to personally guide them in Kruger or elsewhere but for some reason they do not appear to want 'mummy' on their honeymoon...... Surprised  I cannot think why? Cool Tongue out

If anyone has any suggestions for a 5 - 6 day fully-catered trip, in South or Southern Africa, including game drives, without the Mother-in-law in charge (and which the Mother-in-law can afford to pay for) at any Big 5 reserve in Southern Africa, I would appreciate your advice and suggestions.

This can involve staying in a camp, lodge or even camping - the main thing is that my son and (future) daugher-in-law have a great experience and develop the love for Africa, the animals and the people who live there, that I have.

Please PVT me if you have any ideas or suggestions



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This is a little late for the original author but for others who cannot afford the NK EP type prices, there is a lodge called Ingwe which is in the Karonga game reserve near hoedspruit.  Worth a stay we had a very nice three night stay there and saw everything


LionofAfrica (not verified)
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This may come too late but you should try Jock's Lodge.  It is a 12,000 ha private concession in the KNP.  They traverse their own land as well as use the KNP roads and since they are in the KNP will stay out later than what self drivers are allowed.  The lodge is awesome!

Tabs (not verified)
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Thanks Marlyn, for your vote of confidence!

My friends Barbara and Brett, from East London, have organised for Stefan & Aine to go to Imfozoli and Mkuzi in KZN but, as they are now unable to take them due to personal circumstances, my Dutch friend, Peter Braat, who now lives in Capetown, has stepped in and will guide them on this trip.

They are going to have a brilliant time in SA as they will get to meet some of my favourite people there, especially those who are in the Capetown area, and they will get to see some great wildlife in KZN.

MarlynUK (not verified)
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Hi Tabs,

I just DON'T understand why they dont want you there !! You, with all your experience and expertese.

I cant help with their problem, but maybe they will change their minds when they read some of our comments on here about you going too.

Come on all, lets back Tabs going with them. 



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I have got the same problem. we did visit RSA ones, self-drive and it was great. but for a short vacation don't want to spend to much. hope you find something.

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