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How do I get rid of all the ads??

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How do I get rid of all the ads??

When I first started using Africam, I was able to access the cam picture on full screen without all the ads surrounding it.  Now, for some reason, I am unable to access the cam picture on full screen.  It only appears in a much smaller frame and is surrounded by all kinds of annoying advertisements.  Will someone please help me get my full screen (sans ads!!) back??  Thanks so much for your help!!  "Abedare"

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For firefox you may use Ad Block Plus. Just google it.

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Use the following links to open the feeds (they will open in a full window which can be modified):

Nkorho Flash:  http://www.africam.com/wildlife/lc_player_kim.php?sub=nn&ch=popup&sh=nk-1

Elephant Plains Flash:  http://www.africam.com/wildlife/lc_player_kim.php?sub=nn&ch=popup&sh=ep-1

Flamingo Island Flash:  http://www.africam.com/wildlife/lc_player_kim.php?sub=nn&ch=popup&sh=km-1

In the lower right hand corner of the displayed feed, you will see a small box with an arrow in it. Left click on the box and you will have a full screen display of the feed. Press the escape key to return to normal size.


If you want to open more than one of the above links, right click on the link and then left click "open in a new window". Doing so will allow you to display multiple pages which can be re-sized to fit your screen. (Clicking on the links at the left of this page will not allow more than one to be on the screen and its size cannot be changed).

Abedare (not verified)
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...Incidentally, "clicking twice" used to work for accessing the full screen cam, but no longer!

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