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How do I view the cams using Windows Media Player?

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How do I view the cams using Windows Media Player?



I just joined yesterday - fab site by the way! - and was just wondering how/if I could view the cams using Windows Media Player? At the moment when I click on the cam links it automatically opens a new window the view them with Adobe. I can't see any options to open it with Windows Media Player.


I'll pop over to introduce myself now. Probably should have done that first really! Laughing



Selati (not verified)
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Ok cool, Smile thanks for letting me know & for the welcome.

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

Hi Selati and Welcome ...

I'm sure one of the moderators will give you a better answer soon...but in the midwhile ..I can tell you with my poor english ..that you can't watch the cams on windows media player anymore ...Africam went to the flash 'era' and you can't use other players to watch cams

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