How to do things :P

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How to do things :P

Hi all. . .

I just need to know a few things:
-Most importantly, how to post an animal I see on the cam onto Facebook??? Will be super if I knew Smiling

Well that's about all the questions I have. Thanks Smiling


Stoffelsteen (not verified)
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Thanks very much, can't wait till I show my Facebook friends the beauty of animals Smiling

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Hi Stoffelstein. For information on the Africam site, go to the Menu Bar (at the top of every page). Use the Info drop down box and read the Africam User Guide.

To post a picture on Facebook:  (I copied this from a Google Search on posting pictures on Facebook Smiling).

  1. Click Add Photo/Video at the top of your home page.
  2. Pick Upload Photo / Video.
  3. Click the Browse button to choose a photo file from your computer.
  4. After you've selected your photo, click Post.

This photo will be posted to your profile (timeline) and added to the Wall Photos album so you can access it later.

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click here


How to take and post pics on the boma

its a free site

Download the program MWSnap from the MWSnap website. Install the software in your computer.

click here

p.s  i use  photo bucket  to put cam pic in

then i put them in the streaming cam section

click here

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