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How to ruin a perfectly good site.

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How to ruin a perfectly good site.

1. Remove the Windows Media Player and replace it with a Flash player. Done.

2. Remove the ability to control the volume.  Done.

3. Remove the ability to display in full screen. Done.

4. Display adverts for products that are expensive during a recession. Done.

5. Pretend to improve on a succesful site. Done.

 Well done Africam!  5 home goals!

Pity you messed up a great site.

You're gonna need more than super prizes just to retain your members and new ones won't bother any more.

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Constructive critisism is always welcome, but this topic has turned the other way.

I am taking the liberty to lock it.

Volodia (not verified)
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Smile Good morning everybody,

from a country called France , we regularly connect (my wife, friends,and me) (sorry for my English language..) for several years, to Nkhoro webcam and Elephant webcam, almost daily. I want to tell a great thank you to all people of Nkoro and of Elephant for what they do.We sincerely think your are working for peace in the world and in the minds by showing to everybody the Beauty, the true nature, the true freedom. How great for us is to hear birds and insects singing in our cold and grey winter through your cam. Nkhoro and Elephant cams are like a big light in darknessSmile.Sometimes we can see somebody in the pictures, and we have impression to see friends.

We used to connect directly with VLC media player to have possibility for better parameters( colors, brightness, contrast.), now it seems no more possible, i am sorry of that, is there a other possibility please?

If no, we will continue by your popup player, it is better than nothing.Cry



maxx (not verified)
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I have complained about the technical aspects of Africam for so long.....they probably literally roll their eyes when they see a post from me. And I agree with you that site is getting worse not better....

However, I have to ask....please shut the hell up. Right now I can't figure out if your problem is with Africam or the USA. Your anti-American bias echos in your posts....and quite frankly....can't see how it should have anything to do with Africam. There are tech issues that need to be adressed immediately, but why should anyone take you seriously? A drama queen of the first order, and Africam issues aside....all your posts are supsect at this point.

peterdw777 (not verified)
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A while back someone mentioned recording the stream, I think one can still do that with a program called FLV Recorder. Though of course you'd have to manually pause the recording during the adverts.

In my country the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)don't do any advertising during their TV programs. I think these adverts must be an American idea. Damn stupid one if you ask me!

Sadly for me, on my laptop now, which runs Windoze 98, it won't accept the latest Flash program so NK and EP are closed for me.
Bye bye Africam. Whoosh, bang, wallop, there goes another customer.

Hope you're happy?

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I, for one, appreciate all comments that aren't mean. Sadly, I believe some cammers are slipping away and not bothering to comment at all. In my opinion, the viewing has not changed for the better. I am holding out hope that Admin will improve it and let us know what is happening.

blueeyedlibra (not verified)
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I to am 1 of the lucky ones. I have never had a problem viewing the cam. From day 1 I was able to view it so whatever changes you have done has not affected me.

The only complaint I have is the dang commercials. I hate em. It takes so long for the cam to come back up. I know why ya say you need them but......(i will leave the rest to myslef). Im just waiting for that 1 day something real exciting, sitting on the edge of your seat sighting is happening and then bam it goes into commercial. The commercial plays and guess what when it comes back on the sighting is either done or gone!

But none the less NK was my very 1st cam and I will always watch it. You all do such an amazing job and I cant thank ya enough. Just always remember you could change 1 thing and atleast 1 person is going to complain. You cannot make everyone happy. But I would guess and say for the most part most of us are!

Aquila (not verified)
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Some are NOT complaining. They can't for one reason or another get the streams anymore with any consistency... thus they are not watching!

JUJU1 (not verified)
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People will complain about anything , I could not  ever afford to take a trip to Africa , and I love animals , I love watching them in their own habitat and see them live free , even on internet blogs people are so means , I Thank the people of Africam for bringing this site to me , and I don't mind the comercials , Iam sure you try to do the best you can , so as for me Iam staying on and continue to watch

Wild Dreamer (not verified)
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Wow ..did not realize that so many would be willing to give this up.  I complain ..thats just me LOL ..but I am willing to try almost anything to keep "MY" Africam up and running ! I am not what you would call "computer literate" by any means, but I have learned that there is a work around and solution to almost any problem on this big grey box.  And I, for one , am much more willing to sit and watch Africam with commercials than I would be to sit and watch tv with the perfect HiDef picture and still get the commercials ! Face it people, the Good far outweighs the Bad !!  Give it a chance and get over wanting everything handed to you on a silver platter !  Africam Rocks !!!

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Hi all, and thanks for your post Karin - yes it is a shame that so many people are having troubles with this system.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones - we have Windows XP, two years old, but just bought a new monitor.  I was having the same problems to start with as everyone else was having, so hubby and I sat down about 3-4 days ago and downloaded the Adobe Flash Player, followed the instructions, and have had no problems with it - still get NK, EP and all the chat places. 

I do agree that sometimes the pictures are not quite as clear as previously, especially when the cams are moved quickly, but I think all the operators at the Lodge are learning how to use them with this system and improvements are showing.  EP is still a little bit of a problem, but it always has been - are they the older cameras which used to be used at NK which are now being used at EP?

Last, but not least - the ads!! - yes, they are annoying, but in order to see the beauty of the animals and pans, etc., we are all going to have to knuckle down and get used to them - that's how it is in this modern world we live in!  As I previously said, I believe I'm one of the lucky ones who have managed to still see everything, through the changes - apart from a couple of days - but just wanted to let our friends at the Lodge know that we realize you are trying your very best to keep us happy - and I am one of them!  Thank You All.




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