How to take and post pics on the boma - Disabled

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How to take and post pics on the boma - Disabled

Posting pictures on the Boma

  • Download the program MWSnap from the MWSnap website. Install the software in your computer.
  • When you start using it, you might get black images, to get rid of this, go to tools in your windows media player click, options, performance, advanced and un-tick use overlays.
  • Start snapping shots on live streaming video and save images to your pc and select jpg format for your images.
  • After you have saved your images you choose an image hosting site to host your pictures e.g. tinypic, Photobucket, etc. (, ( or any of your choice.
  • Upload the pictures through your image host.
  • Maximum size is  480 x 385
  • Compose a new message on the boma where you want your picture to appear.
  • Copy and paste or enter the IMG link manually e.g. [IMG][/IMG).
  • Click the preview button to view your pictures before you submit, to check whether the pictures appears on your message.

(originally posted by Raymond, Africam Admin)

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To make picture taking easier with MWSnap you can create a hotkey.

Go to Tools ---> Hotkeys. I placed mine on the F4

When you go to Tools ---> Settings ---> Auto-savings the preferred format to save your pics in is jpg. Then you can save the pics to a folder you created for africam pics. You can chose the number of pics you wish for before the count start at 1 again and you can add the date.

When all is done, you just select the cam and click away! Smiling

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Note that there has been a change in picture maximum size allowed rules so that pictures will fit the current format of the forum so should not be any larger then 480 pixcels wide by 385 pixcels high (480x385).


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petluvr001 (not verified)
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I would really love to start taking pictures, but the MWsnap program is for Windows users, and I

Have a mac, how can I take pictures?? Thanks!

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TrukMeister wrote:

What a pain to post to then have to past the link here.

If you got used to it, tinypic is easy. Smiling



This method would save a few steps and time.

Then africam would have to set up servers for the pics, and I would more like the money for cams like Tembe upgrade Wink


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What a pain to post to then have to past the link here. How about the ability to post the picture from my computer to here like I do for the videos?

Example - browse local files and upload from computer.  This methood would save a few steps and time.


Just a thought Laughing



Trük Meister

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mydae (not verified)
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Thanks but it's all due to the guys that work the cam that you can get such good shots.

Cait48 (not verified)
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mydae (not verified)
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Had a great day.  Got some trial pix to share. Thanks for the photo ops Rangers!

Freegrl1 (not verified)
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