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Howdy ya'll

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Howdy ya'll

Went to Richmond for the races

Had a good time and lots of fun at the races
2 day event turned into a 3 days thanks to rain
Left here 5am fri got back 3am mon LOL

Only bad things happened was some hendrick fan stold my darn bag, lucky wasnt anything in there, got bad sunburt on arms but nowhere else

Kevin had good day going untill he hit the 6 soming out oof pits in the lead but he turned it around got a top 10 from that mess, Jr had shitty car all day and the 60 made it worse by spining him out, Tony did ok got top 10 was lucky cause he hit someone got right front damage

Busch race was ok Kevin didnt have a car to race for win got top 5 tho, his teammate clint won
Jon Wood in the 47 Red Cross car finished 21st buts thats ok about time he finished and not end up in someone elses mess

Here picts

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I'm doing good :D
Health is doing well now
Went to circus weekend after Richmond, It was ok, Only thing they had from Africa is Ellies, Had tigers too only wild anamils they had
I didnt get any picts there

Heres one from Richmond

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Hiya Dave, sounds like a blast...rain and all :)

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Nice to see you Dave! Yes, you've been missed.

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Hi Dave,

How are you doing,
we missed you!

Looks like a good day! Don't forget sunblock next time 8)


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