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How long are you on africam a day?

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How long are you on africam a day?

About how many hours a day would you say you are cammimg? Do you do it all in one siting of in parts through out the day? I usalu do it about 15 mimtues aday( all I have time for)

kynana3 (not verified)
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At work 5 days a week, I am allowed to watch in between calls.  Problem is out of the few work stations, only 3 have what is needed to watch Africam cams since they switched to flash something (???).  When I can't watch, I can at least join in on forums.  I get to watch (on and off) 7 1/2 a day, 5 days a week.

Mind you, the phone at work may take up most of my day.  Work must come first. 

So wish I could have Africam at home!!!  On a wide screen TV!!!

**Not only are the animals, birds, and even bugs educational and interesting, but the people are good, decent, and caring.  I haven't found better.   

Gerda (not verified)
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I'm another addict and at home, cams are on all the time.

I'm also lucky to be able to watch cams at work.

Only time I'm not listening or watching cams is while I'm out or sleeping lol





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Joined: Mar 14 2006

When I am at home the cams are up all the time.  Before Africam I used to have a radio playing or the tv etc.,  now I have birds and hyaenas to keep me company

Lol, yesterday on a phone call, someone asked me "what's that sound??"  It was the Pearl Spotted Owlet Eye-wink

tnt1960 (not verified)
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I`m usually on for about an hour a day. I check it when I first get up, and then before I go to bed. I check it out whenever I get the chance. I want to go to Africa someday! But for now, this is the closest I can get.

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

Hi Alison

First thing in the morning, cams and forum even before I read my mails and the world news! Then Africam is up all day until I go to bed. When I'm not at the PC doing other things, I have the bush sound in my house. A visitor once asked me: "Do you have parrots up there?" LOL





Nkosi sikelel' iAfrica (National Hymn of SA)

God bless Africa!

Congokid (not verified)
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It does vary day to day but it is usually the first thing I do in the morning!  I check to see what, if anything, is at the waterholes then check the streaming cam pictures and the forum for whatever has gone on since I went to bed.  Then, depending on my day, I may keep the cams open while I am doing other paper work or check several times during the day.  Since I have insomnia, I open the cams around 11:00 at night, 5:00 a.m. South Africa, and try to wait for the morning parade.  Unfortunately, I am sleeping during the most active time at the waterholes!

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

i usually come on at 8.00 in morning '

and check the streaming cams - then i  start

up dating the day -by day journal  in practice site

putting  all birds and animals seen on cam

in english and latin names - and i up date

the africam book with the best or interesting

cam photos for that day - and then i add cam pics

in the wildlife section if needed

i say hi - in watering  hole chat  -check p.m.s

now its    10.00  usually

then im in and out  taking pics of birds

2.30 i get the day by day journal ready to

post at 3.00 -   then  i check chat once in a

- while-  at day light in AFRICA i get ready to click cam pics

till about 2.00 in the morning pacific time

then i sleep  till 6.00   get up  go out sometimes

to the beaches bird watching - then i come home and eat

and do it again  -

what was the question again  ???


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Joined: Mar 25 2008

Hi Alison...everyone varies, I think.  I usually try to get an hour or 2 in my morning, which is Africam night, and maybe a half hour or hour when it's early morning in Africa...but it varies.  I have to watch how much bandwidth I use so that governs me a


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