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How Many Lions in Stix Pride?

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How Many Lions in Stix Pride?

I counted 8 lions at waterhole the night of the young zebra kill (Jan. 12). Many people have questioned the actual number and I had doubts too. So….. I reviewed and studied Aquila's video "Lion Visit Water Hole After Eating at 10:34 am" posted in Pan Cam Pics - Video Jan 7-14. This is my breakdown:

:13 - 4 females enter Waterhole from kill area

:39 - 3 females drink together ("group A"), 1 goes to top of waterhole ("screen right").

:46 - TOTAL: 3 drinking together ("group A") + 1 drinking ("screen right") = 4 (all on screen)

:57 - male enters (goes to area below "group A")

:60 - TOTAL: 4 females + 1 male = 5 (all on screen)

1:02 - female enters Waterhole from kill area (drinks with "group A")

1:09 - TOTAL: 4 females (group A) + 1 female (screen right) + 1 male = 6 (all on screen)

1:23 - female enters Waterhole from kill area (drinks with "group A")

1:26 - TOTAL: 5 females (group A) + 1 female (screen right) + 1 male = 7 (all on screen)

1:28 - Camera moves left quickly (lone female "screen right" is still drinking). Can only see 6 lions on screen now.

2:01 - TOTAL: 5 females (group A) + 1 female (screen right/not shown now) + 1 male = 7

3:04 - 1 female of "group A" goes to screen right (out of cam)

3:06 - TOTAL: 4 females (group A) + 2 females (screen right/not shown now) + 1 male = 7

3:21 - females in "group A" start to leave water one by one

3:22 - TOTAL: 1 female (laying down) + 3 females (drinking water) + 2 females (screen right/not shown now) + 1 male = 7

3:32 - female comes to waterhole from kill area

3:33 - TOTAL: 1 female (laying down) + 3 (standing up) + 1 female (drinking) + 2 females (screen right/not shown now) + 1 male = 8

4:03 - 1 female (that was standing up) goes out of screen (screen left)

4:12 - female that came in at 3:32 starts to drink (and drinks until 5:24)

4:32 - FINAL COUNT - 3 females (laying down) + 1 female (drinking) + 1 male (drinking) + 1 female ("screen left"/not shown now) + 2 females ("screen right"/not shown now) = 8

So, we know that there are at least 7 (at 1:26 we can count 7 on screen).

So the question is.... 7 or 8?

The only possible way there are 7:
One of the two females that went "screen right" is the female that appeared on the screen at 3:32.

(And through all of this... the male was drinking the WHOLE time)

That's my thoughts.... what's yours???

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That night there were clearly 8. At one time you could see almost all of them in one pic. There were 5 females laying down in front of the male, then the male and 2 females laying down behind him. The cam went from the two behind immediately up to the male and 5 females in front of him. There was no way possible for one of those females to jump up and run to the front of that group when the cam panned to them. There were 8 that night. Smiling

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I am joining the 8 lion club. it looks to me like there are 7 females and one male in this pride.

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Personally I thought there were 7 in total myself. I recorded it aswell

I could be wrong though, but I keep on think one of nr 8 must be the same lion mentioned before Smiling

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People were still posting this morning questions concerning the number of lions in this pride. So, like I said, I doubted my count of 8.

I really find it rare that a pride has 7 females and only 1 male. I'm hoping that one (or more) of the experts on here would voice their opinion.... is this unique?

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Aquila made this post last night in videos.
You have to watch the last minute very closely, but you can see all 8 of them.
There is one that kept it's head laying down...right beside the one on the furthest to the left.
Like I's all in the last minute of video.
A bunch of had to watch & count a few times...LOL

How Many Lions can you count? 11:34pm

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My thoughts are that the picture you posted of the 4 drinking together is just so dear, wow. Other than that, it's all too complicated and you've figured it all out! Thanks for that, and that picture in particular.

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