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How To Post and Resize Pictures on the Forum Using the Insert/Edit icon (tree)

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How To Post and Resize Pictures on the Forum Using the Insert/Edit icon (tree)

How to post and resize pictures on the forum using the Insert/Edit icon (tree)

When posting images, they should not exceed 480 x 385 pixels, and the sum of file sizes of all images in one post may not exceed 240 KB. No more than 4 images should be posted in any single message, to make it easier for other cammers to view them and to give others a chance to post images. Any message which contains more than 4 images will be deleted. To help to make the picture pages easier to navigate, any repeated images will be deleted to save bandwidth and to speed up page downloads for those with slower internet connections.

Note: These instructions do NOT currently work with Internet Explorer. They do work with Firefox and Google Chrome.

1. Insert a picture by clicking on the icon.

This will open a pop-up window

2. In the pop-up window, in the Image URL box,  paste the image url. This must be an http: image. Using the [IMG] format will not work. You may post the [IMG] image and simply delete the [IMG] at the beginning of the link and the [/IMG] at the end of the link.

3. When you would click on insert now, the picture would show in following size : 469x347 px

4. To resize the picture before submitting it to  the forum :

  • change the dimension settings by adjusting width or length (see pic)

  • click Insert

5. Result : picture now has the dimensions you entered. You may also Right click the picture and reduce the size by "dragging" from any corner of the picture.


Under revision:

6. If you want to resize a picture after it has been posted on the forum :

  • click the Edit button below the picture you wish to edit.
  • select the picture (by clicking on it once)
  • select the  icon, this will bring up the popup window
  • change your dimensions
  • click Insert.