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How To Use Chat

How about a sticky with some how-to's of the Chat?

For instance:

- how to get a user name, and keep it. (Mine keeps going away)

- how to put your name on Members, not Visitors

- where do those name colors come from?

- how to make those little pics that some people use

That's all I can think of at the moment. Thanks!

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Thank you



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Maria Difulvio wrote:

Why cant i take snapshots?



Hi Maria.  Not sure why as I don't know what you are trying to do.  I am able to use the take photo  feature ok on the main cam pages.  you click the take photo button and youget a pop up where you can then click on the save to computer to save it or you can click on the post to facebook to post it on your facebook page.  I use MWSnap program to take pictures and photobucket to save them and post to the forum.  If you can give me more specifics of what you are having problems with in getting a picture I will try to help you.


Have you seen the new member guided tour page yet? See it here Want to keep up with what's happening in the forum? Check the recent posts page. Become Africam Wise see the Africam Wiki

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Why cant i take snapshots?



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Hello irojlarge,

We are upgrading the Africam system. The daily videos should return soon. I've missed them too Smiling.  Thanks for watching.

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What has happened to the regular (near daily originally) Boma video's. Nothing received for the past couple of weeks...despite re-registering for this automatic download ?


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Hallo LD555 welcome to Africam.

This  is  the  link from the Black Eagle  Cam.

There is  a  lot of  info on  this  page below the live stream ,

and  when  you look  at  the  right side of  this  page,you  will  find :

Recent Articles:

Two of  those articles are about the  Black Eagle.


How to  use  chat  you  can  read  below in  this  thread.

There is  also  the  daily  created Boma chit-chat

where you can post  your questions too ,  click here 

Wish  you  happy  camming.



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I'm a new viewer to the Black Eagle camera and it's amazing watching the adults and chick especially at feeding time. Please tell me when was the camera in stalled and how and when did the chick hatch? Thanks.

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The Secretary Bird is not an eagle

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I just sat  a lion stalking some prey on Tembe but the camera panned out and back.. He was on his way .  Hope the cam goes back to that spot.



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