Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

I know the issue is on my end, but can someone help please?

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I know the issue is on my end, but can someone help please?

At home, I have no problem viewing Africam. On the pc at work, though, I have only sound and a black screen for both EP and NP. It's been this way since I started working here, so I would typically bring my laptop, but the LT died, so can someone please help me tweak Windows Media Player so that I can view the cams at work? I am having withdrawals. Eye-wink Oh, and it isn't likely that it is a firewall issue or anything like that, as I watch live stream from CBS for Big Brother, and view YouTube vids from work, as well.

Any thoughts? All attempts at help will be appreciated!!!



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Sherry, have you had a look at this thread?

Trouble Shooting for Streaming Video Player 


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