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I think my little cat is pregant..Help!

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I think my little cat is pregant..Help!

About two months ago this little cat started hanging around my apartment, seemed around 5-6 months old. Skinny but seemed well cared for so I assumed it was someones cat. I checked to see what gender it was and it appeared to be a male...Well I was wrong. Its been around 2-3 months now and she hasnt left and is in our house mostly all day everyday, about 2 weeks ago I checked again thinking if it was a boy that its parts would be bigger and I could be sure... Well its a female, shes still kinda on the small side around 5 pounds.  My husband insisted we keep her and since I love animals I figured, hey whats one more? So I was planning on bringing her into the vet to have her spayed. But it seems that her belly is getting bigger, and its been slightly more bulgy from the sides the last week or so. My husband says maybe its just bloating. But I think she may be pregant, there are a lot of male strays around here, and I know for a fact some of them haven't been altered. I went searching for ways to tell and they said that its hard in the beginning but that if you run your hands over her belly and feel things like walnuts she may be pregnant (I felt walnut sized balls when I tried this out). Another thing they said was pinkish nipples, so I checked and they are slightly pink, and enlarged.

So my point to this whole thread would be to ask if any of you have advice or know other ways to tell if a cat is pregnant. I plan on keeping her no matter what she is a wonderful, gentle, very affectionate little girl, already part of our family. Thank you for any help.


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She probably is pregnant. If you take her to the vet they will tell you for sure. I know that worms can also make a cat bloat...but if she has been outside and there is male cats around.....your gonna have kittens.

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