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i am new and cant it too work

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i am new and cant it too work

help  i  saw this site and thought cool site. 

i have always wanted to go to africa.  but will probably not be able to afford it ever

as you can see i signed up.

but when i go to click on a steaming cam, any of them.  it brings me to another screen. that looks like it is tyring to load then stops and goes back and asks to click a button to see (i forgot what it says.)  but essentually it wont ever let up a image. 

i am using a work computer. it is pretty good one.  a

what am i doing wrong.  pls help

ty and have a great day

bigcatlover48 (not verified)
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thank you for answering.  i tried it both ways.  i think it might be what you said. and i cant not change that at work. 

and my home computer would not work with this.

i am planning on getting a new computer at home, once i do this i hope i can get it to work.

have a great day

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Hi and welcome to africam and the forum.  With the little information you gave, my first guess would be that maybe you don't have the latest version of Flash installed?  Are you trying the streaming cam links to the left side here (nkorho pan and elephant planes both working now)?  or are you on the main page where it says click the button below the viewer?


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