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Inappropriate ad content

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Inappropriate ad content

This morning, opening up Tembe cam, I was confronted with an ad for Hunting Safaris.  While I appreciate the fact that the ads keep this most precious site free, the subject ad seems to contradict everything Africam is about. 

Personally, I could not shoot anything and cannot imagine going out with the intent to kill any one of the beautiful animals we see on here just for the thrill (or any other reason for that matter).  Just doesn't seem right in this day and age to want a "trophy".  I thought we had evolved a bit.

Love Africam!!  Have been coming here for many years.  Keep up all the good works.


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My comment is also about inappropriate ad content but not about hunting (which I do find inappropriate for the site). But I am talking about A&E ad for one - part of the Google ad rotator. Steven Seagall lawman is an offensive show in itself but it's also totally inappropriate to this site). I see Petsmart (which ok is about animals so is somehow related), then there is something about anti-poaching - rhinos (directly related and a good thing to show!). Another ad not relevant is the death of wal mart one with the frown face. I do shop at Wal Mart and don't agree but the point is it has zero relevance to the site. Instead of the A&E stuff why not have Discover Channel or some Travel channel?

So that's 2 ads which I feel are inappropriate to the site. I understand the site is ad-driven but also consider where the money goes. Are you as a site (and I realise you are just the admin not the actual owner most likely) willing to support inappropriate content and in one case offensive material?

I have been away from the site for some time. The increased functionality of the cameras compared to early last year is noted and that's a positive change. The ads in question are a negative change.

Some suggestions for replacement ads might be South African Tourism or perhaps the airways (satour?). You could also have an ad for WWF or something from Kruger or another Park?

I think the point is NOT to have United States based ads. I am actually in Canada at this time and you are showing US ads...maybe to find a way to to make the content appropriate to the country in which the viewer is would be a good idea or just keep it African (southern) as I suggested above.

Now I see off to the left as I type this: What terrifies Bill Gates ad from Motley Fool. How is this relevant to the site? I cringe every time I see his name to be honest. So down goes my opinion of your site on that one.

Now there's an ad for at the top...same in the world is that relevant??

It is possible Drupal is the problem and I don't know anything about your arrangement with them. Perhaps to "power" your site they require the ads?

Another problem of the ads is that it tends to clutter the page and detracts from site content especially where ads grab white space in an otherwise black-backgrounded site. This is more of web issue of course but it does involve the ads. What it ultimately means is that people will likely spend less time on the content of your site.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are looking for the ad and will block it. If you see the ad again or any other ad like it can you send us the URL to

Enjoy the cams!

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Thank you! It has been reported to Africam Administration. They always want to know when one of these ads show up so they can let the ad companies know it is inappropriate.

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