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Incredible cheetah sighting.

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Incredible cheetah sighting.


What an amazing sighting of these two cheetah at NK. They seemed quite relaxed and stayed in the area for a while, so there was a chance to get some terrific video taken of them at url



Below is a picture of the two of them drinking at the waterhole.



. One can clearly see the lean build of the cheetah, adapted purely for speed; it has a light frame with long legs and body. This is why its prey is stolen by lions, spotted hyeana, brown hyeana, leopard and even warthog. It is able to stand up against jackal though, which is comprehensively shown by an excellent video taken of the one cheetah chasing a jackal from across the waterhole. This is at url http://www.africam.com/wildlife/cheetahchasesjackal

The male cheetah will sometimes form coalitions or else they are solitary. Their prey includes impala, springbok, common duiker, steenbok, hares, springhares, ground birds. Coalitions may take bigger prey like yearling wildebeest, kudu, waterbuck, gemsbok. In areas with a high concentration of lions and leopards, cheetah not only have to be weary of their kills being stolen, but also of being killed themselves, out of competition. A good friend of mine was on a walk in the Sabi Sands years ago and told me of a sighting which instilled a bit of fear in me. They came across a dead cheetah cub hanging in a tree, seeming almost like a prize or a trophy. But it doesn’t end here, as a little further on, they came across a second dead cheetah cub hanging in another tree. This is one of many examples which have taught me to never take chances with leopard on foot- they are just so impossibly quick, and like phantoms, in the way they disappear and don’t make a sound.


Thank-you to everyone for taking the beautiful videos and photos

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