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Induna, big tusker

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Induna, big tusker

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Saturday 21 May 2011

Induna, big tusker at TE


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Can any of the rangers tell

Can any of the rangers tell me if Induna might have living family members that were transported and now living in the USA at the San Diego Zoo? This is what their website says’s:
“A herd of seven African elephants, born in Kruger National Park in South Africa in 1991, was translocated to Swaziland in 1994. When scheduled to be culled due to overpopulation, the herd was brought to San Diego on a truly "jumbo" plane in August 2003. A fellow herdmate from Africa followed in October 2009, by way of the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. These elephants are one of the most genetically valuable African elephant herds in North America. Since their arrival at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, their numbers have grown!”
It would be nice to know this information so I can ask the zookeepers to maybe post a celebration blog on their website about Induna’s living generations. Thank you for your time and one last word…May Induna forever rest in peace. This mighty Elephant will fill our minds with respect and honor for what he gave us!!!

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He has a huge old cut in his

He has a huge old cut in his right ear! doesn´t he?

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