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Injured Lion Part 2

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Injured Lion Part 2

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Elephant Plains-1

June 15,2010


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His identity hasn't been

His identity hasn't been confirmed yet. There are other lions in the area and he might be one of them. It is addicting, isn't it?


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Happy to hear that! I read

Happy to hear that! I read about what happened the other day-how sad. Is this one Mr.T-Kinky Tail's chum?

But if he has a bad leg that's going to make it hard to fight off any of the intruders if it is Mr.T.

I haven't been so intuned to such animal soap opera since the Meerkats show on the Animal Planet.

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No, he appears to be

No, he appears to be injured, but these cats are very strong and usually heal well. He's getting much needed rest Smiling


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Is this poor guy dying? How

Is this poor guy dying? How sad-he's just been lying there. Breaks my heart.

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