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Hi everyone,

my name is Chris and new to the Boma.

I am from Munich, Germany and spent most of my recent vacations in South Africa, which is truly beautiful country. 2 years ago we had a magnificient stay at Elephant Plains. Unfortunately they were fully booked this time when we planned our next trip for June this year and so we made reservations at the Nkorho Bush Camp. We are looking forward for another wild life adventure and can´t wait to fly out soon to Joburg.

One question to the Forum: We plan to drive up from Nelspruit to Nkorho. Last time we were driving up to Sabi Sands we were stopped by the police somewhere on the R40 north of Hazyview (already in Limpopo I believe) and were fined for supposedly speeding. We were asked to pay on the spot R750, without getting a receipt. We were told if we wanted the receipt, that we asked for, we would have to go a far away police station, which would take a couple of hours. The cop threatened us and of course we did not have several hours as we were due to arrive at Elephant Plains and paid. Of course that was wrong but what can you do as a foreigner? I had forgotten about this but when reading reviews on Nkorho on "Tripadvisor" I saw a very similar experience there from somebody from the UK claiming that they were not speeding and also did not get a receipt. You can find the post here:


We have been driving a couple of thousand kilometers in South Africa around Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Cape Area as well as Namibia, without any problem except this one incident. My questions: Is Limpopo special with regard to corruption in the police force? What is the standard procedure for paying traffic fines? Any suggestions to avoid this problem on the R40? Is flying the only option? Any recommendations on flying out from Nelspruit to Sabi Sands? Thanks for any hints.

Kind regards


NyalaNatasha (not verified)
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Hi Chris,

Welcome firstly to Africam, unfortunately your experience is a regular occurance. I use to live in South Africa and the corruption is unbelieveable. Maybe look around to see if there is some sort of shuttle service if you cannot fly.

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Hi Chris and welcome to Africam and the forum.  I do hope you will join us in the daily created waterhole chat thread where we talk about what we are seeing and hearing at the waterholes.  Sorry to hear of your bad experience and I don't have an answer to your questions but I can relate to it as I had the same problem in the Philippines quite a few years ago.  It was pretty much accepted as one of the costs of driving there it seems.


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