Tembe and Nkorho Cams are down.We are working on solutions.

i see the ads but then............

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i see the ads but then............

so when i try to view the cams it loads an ad then the box turns gray with a continuous circle in the middle like its tryng to load.  I used to view the cams all the time on this computer but had to reboot my whole pc and now i cant view.... is there something i need to watch that i might be missing... i've tried several cams and it does this with all of them... thanks.. i miss watching!

sarahnikki (not verified)
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well im sad that they are down but glad its nothing on my end... can't wait for them to be back... ill join the chat in boma.. thanks

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Right now the cams are down due to a lightening strike on a transformer at Nkorho, Sarahnikki.  We are hoping they will be back very soon - but at this time we do not know for sure.  Please join us in the daily threads on the Boma where a few of us are chatting as we wait for the cams to return.


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