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Its been too long!

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Its been too long!

I used to be on here everyday, until the website shut a couple of years ago.

Great to have it back!

Is the radio station back up as well?

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Lathama wrote:

on the old forums i was known as Lathama (also). Everyone always struggled as to how to pronounce it lol.

Welcome back Lathama! Nice to see one of the old names again, but if you were last here when we had radio, you were here many, many years ago Smiling

Yes, africam has changed a lot, we have a fantastic forum and a boma to do boma talk (that has not changed), but we have a live chat as well. Go to "live safari cams" and there you go to chat players at the bottom. If you click on Nkorho, the cam and a chat window will open, there you have to ask the  chat moderators if you have any questions.

Good to see you back Smiling

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A very big welcome back, Lathama!

Lathama (not verified)
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on the old forums i was known as Lathama (also). Everyone always struggled as to how to pronounce it lol.

I have had a browze around the site and for me who was used the the cam's refreshing every 15-30 seconds i find it amazing that there is now the technology to have a constant stream so you can now watch a elephant (for example) have a drink in real time and not just get the frames of what happens in still form.

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Hello Lathama and welcome back!

What was your previous login name?  Hope you will join us in the daily chat topics.  Smiling


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Welcome back Lathama! Recent Posts made by members are under the Forums tab at the top of each page. As Hanneke said,  Boma chit-chat threads are started each new South African day and are found HERE. Fast Chat is available HERE. Chat Moderators there can help you get signed in. Helpful links are found in the Info tab on the main menu. Common terms are in the Africam Wiki at the bottom of all pages. If you have questions, ask either in the Boma or Fast Chat.

I don't know about an Africam radio station. Happy Camming Smiling.


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Hallo  Lathama.

Welcome back.

Hope you  will  find out  your way on  this  Africam Site.

If you have  questions? There is the daily created Boma chit chat forum where you can put  your questions , and talk about  what  you  hear and see  at  the cams.

For this  day : click here

Happy  camming !

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