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Jr's Antics Entertain Us All

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Jr's Antics Entertain Us All

Whether you are a primate lover or not, the newest addition to one of the baboon troops at elephant plains is guaranteed to make you chuckle. The little guy has gotten past the fragile and shy stage, and is now thinking he’s as big as his aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters.  Take at look at this clip and enjoy the antics of Jr. as he wallows all over his Mom and a relative, pulling ears, tails, and rolling all over them. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO
Mom and the other adult are in the midst of a relaxing session of grooming, doing their best to ignore Jr’s constant hair pulling and flopping around.  At one point, though she is not facing us, we see one of the adults seem to put her hand over him for a second as if to say...”slow it down Jr.”  But it doesn’t faze the little guy, he continues to enjoy the comfort of the adults while he pokes and prods.  At one point toward the end of the video we see Jr. joining in the grooming, but it only lasts a few seconds, as he’d rather climb and fall all over the adults. 
While we smile and love to watch the little one, his survival is still in jeopardy, as he could become the victim of attack or disease at this early age in life. The whole troop will protect him, with the females being the primary caregivers; however a male will sometimes bring food or play with the youngster, which is usually his offspring. We’ll watch Jr. grow, and if all goes well when he nears sexual maturity (5-8 yrs old), he will leave this group and go on to start his adult life elsewhere.